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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitioncausing laughter and amusement
Hindi Meaning of Humorousमजाकिया, हँसोड़, मनमौजी, सरल, परिहासशील, विनोद, दिल्ल्गीबाज, हास्यकारी
Synonyms of HumorousAmusing, Comic, Iocular
Antonyms of HumorousMorose, Sad, Tragic

Use of "Humorous" word in sentences, examples

  • Texas Republican Gerald Daugherty took campaign videos to a humorous level when an ad featured his wife pleading for his re-election.
  • A video has recently emerged exploring this aspect in a humorous manner. 
  • I don't care what you say' - is equal parts humorous, clever and catchy.
  • Aside from being smart, Google Assistant is going to be friendly and humorous too, and it's all thanks to joke writers of Pixar and The Onion.
  • Professor Johnbull" Yvonne Nelson, Imeh Bishop Umoh are humorous on set of TV series.

Similar words of "Humorous"

Facetiousमजाकिया, विनोदी, हंसमुख, हँसोड़, हसीपद, मजेदार, विचित्र, दिल्लगीबाज
Jocularविनोदी, विनोदप्रिय, हँसोड़, मजाकिया, मजाकपसन्द, विनोदपूर्ण
Wittyहाजिर-जवाब, विनोदपूर्ण, मजेदार, वाग्विदग्ध, प्रत्युपन्नमति

Humorous FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Humorous is, मजाकिया, हँसोड़, मनमौजी, सरल, परिहासशील, विनोद, दिल्ल्गीबाज, हास्यकारी.

Similar words for Humorous are Amusing, Comic, Iocular.

The Definition of Humorous is causing laughter and amusement.

Morose, Sad, Tragic, are antonyms of the Humorous word.

Humorous is a Adjective word.

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