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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionproud haughtiness of manner
Hindi Meaning of Hauteurदर्प, घमंड, अहम, गर्व, अहंकार, मद, अभिमान, अकड़, अक्खड़पन, रौब
Synonyms of HauteurArrogance, Insolence, Loftiness
Antonyms of HauteurHumility, Modesty, Politeness

Use of "Hauteur" word in sentences, examples

  • Despite her hauteur, she was forced to engage with him.
  • She aimed for hauteur, managed to avoid a terrified squeak.
  • He arose with a jaunty attempt at hauteur, and fell down the steps.
  • Jack was taken aback by the hauteur of her remark but tried not to show it.
  • But that wasn’t true, either; it was just the way he held his face, in a frozen grimace of hauteur as he manufactured his diatribes.

Hauteur FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Hauteur is, दर्प, घमंड, अहम, गर्व, अहंकार, मद, अभिमान, अकड़, अक्खड़पन, रौब.

Similar words for Hauteur are Arrogance, Insolence, Loftiness.

The Definition of Hauteur is proud haughtiness of manner.

Humility, Modesty, Politeness, are antonyms of the Hauteur word.

Hauteur is a Noun word.

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