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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionrisky; dangerous
Hindi Meaning of Hazardousखतरनाक, देवाधीन, भहहेतुक, जोखिमपूर्ण, विपदसंकुल, विपत्तिपूर्ण
Synonyms of HazardousDangerous, Jeopardous, Perilous
Antonyms of HazardousGuarded, Safe, Secure

Use of "Hazardous" word in sentences, examples

  • With cracker bursting gradually picking up and falling temperature, ultrafine pollutants is on the rise, turning the city's air quality 'hazardous'.
  • The McPherson Area Solid Waste Utility is encouraging county residents to take care when disposing of household hazardous waste.
  • Over the next six weeks, farmers will again have an opportunity to safely dispose of hazardous wastes from their farms at 10 collection events.
  • Armed police have surrounded a house in north-west London after reports a man has barricaded himself, surrounded by 'hazardous items'.
  • The Swan Hills Treatment Centre handles between 18,00 and 19,000 tonnes of hazardous waste each year.

Hazardous FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Hazardous is, खतरनाक, देवाधीन, भहहेतुक, जोखिमपूर्ण, विपदसंकुल, विपत्तिपूर्ण.

Similar words for Hazardous are Dangerous, Jeopardous, Perilous.

The Definition of Hazardous is risky; dangerous.

Guarded, Safe, Secure, are antonyms of the Hazardous word.

Hazardous is a Adjective word.

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