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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionextremely ugly
Hindi Meaning of Hideousडरावना, भयानक, वीभत्स, भावशून्य, अरुचिकर, घृणास्पद, घृणोत्पादक
Synonyms of HideousUgly, Displeasing, Grim
Antonyms of HideousPleasing, Attractive, Cheerful

Use of "Hideous" word in sentences, examples

  • On the back side, Kate conspires with Ben and sets him up with an absolutely hideous bouquet of blue roses for Emily for Valentine's Day.
  • Then I noticed a phosphorescent blue glow in the bedside mirror just before a hideous creature with fangs appeared in it. 
  • The “ideal victim” helps create “ideal drama” based on hideous crimes. 
  • “It's a difficult thing - realizing your entire life is some hideous fiction,” she says. 
  • “The treatment by some towards these young refugees is hideously racist and utterly heartless. 

Similar words of "Hideous"

Uglyकुरूप, खतरनाक, घिनौना, घृणित, चिड़चिड़ा, डरावना, बदसूरत, भददा, भयंकर

Hideous FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Hideous is, डरावना, भयानक, वीभत्स, भावशून्य, अरुचिकर, घृणास्पद, घृणोत्पादक.

Similar words for Hideous are Ugly, Displeasing, Grim.

The Definition of Hideous is extremely ugly.

Pleasing, Attractive, Cheerful, are antonyms of the Hideous word.

Hideous is a Adjective word.

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