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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionold-fashioned
Hindi Meaning of Homogenousसजातीय, समरूप, समाँगी, सवर्ण, एक-सा, एक ही प्रकार का
Synonyms of HomogenousAkin, Alike, Analogous
Antonyms of HomogenousHeterogeneous, Varied, Discrete

Use of "Homogenous" word in sentences, examples

  • BJP minister Chandrakant Patil said, “The council of ministers has become a more homogenous group now.
  • As our housing becomes more inaccessible to diverse families, we become more homogenous and less vibrant as a community.
  • Likewise, Christians who live in homogenous neighborhoods also go to homogenous neighborhood churches. 
  • As trivial as that may seem, I had never found myself in such an ethnically and culturally homogenous environment as Iowa State. 
  • Both companies are trying to make their stables look less homogenous.

Similar words of "Homogenous"

Hiatusअंतराल, क्रमभंग, विछेद, मध्यकाल, अंतरिम, अवधि, मतभेद, दरार, रंध्र
Multifariousअनेक, बहुल, विविध, बहुआयामी, प्रकीर्ण, फुटकर, अनेक प्रकार का

Homogenous FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Homogenous is, सजातीय, समरूप, समाँगी, सवर्ण, एक-सा, एक ही प्रकार का.

Similar words for Homogenous are Akin, Alike, Analogous.

The Definition of Homogenous is old-fashioned.

Heterogeneous, Varied, Discrete, are antonyms of the Homogenous word.

Homogenous is a Adjective word.

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