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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionsharpen a blade
Hindi Meaning of Honeसान चढ़ना, प्रखर करना पैना करना, सुधार करना, निपुण बनाना
Synonyms of HoneAcuminate, Edge, Sharpen
Antonyms of HoneBlunt, Dull, Round

Use of "Hone" word in sentences, examples

  • Local rugby academy opens to hone skills
  • Digital technologies let advertisers hone their message.
  • Clinton, Trump hone appeals down stretch. By Compiled by Democrat-Gazette staff from wire reports. 
  • Growers with quality issues urged to hone marketing skills.
  • Displaced oilfield workers can hone job-prep skills at Lafayette expo. 

Hone FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Hone is, सान चढ़ना, प्रखर करना पैना करना, सुधार करना, निपुण बनाना.

Similar words for Hone are Acuminate, Edge, Sharpen.

The Definition of Hone is sharpen a blade.

Blunt, Dull, Round, are antonyms of the Hone word.

Hone is a Verb word.

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