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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionfriendly and welcoming to visitors
Hindi Meaning of Hospitableमेहमान नवाज, वृद्धिकर, अतिथि पूजक, सत्कारशील
Synonyms of HospitableAffable, Warm, Gracious
Antonyms of HospitableAlienating, Estranged, Rude

Use of "Hospitable" word in sentences, examples

  • In a world struggling with anti-immigrant sentiment, Uganda provides a rare hospitable welcome for those seeking asylum.
  • It is fair to say that the Australian cricket team haven't traditionally been the most hospitable hosts. 
  • The two candidates outlined clear differences between themselves and, it wasn't always hospitable. 
  • Lydia Benedict left her beloved Connecticut nine years ago for Virginia, but eventually found it not as hospitable as here. 
  • Indeed, even the climbers who tackled Mount Everest in the twentieth century explored a far more hospitable place than Mars. 

Similar words of "Hospitable"

Graciousसुन्दर, रूपवान, दयालु, आरामदेह, कृपालु, दयाशील, रमणीय, सौम्य, उम्दा, शालीन, मनमोहक
Inimicalअहितकर, उल्टा, दुश्मन, प्रतिकूल, विरोधी, हानिकारक

Hospitable FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Hospitable is, मेहमान नवाज, वृद्धिकर, अतिथि पूजक, सत्कारशील.

Similar words for Hospitable are Affable, Warm, Gracious.

The Definition of Hospitable is friendly and welcoming to visitors.

Alienating, Estranged, Rude, are antonyms of the Hospitable word.

Hospitable is a Adjective word.

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