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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionweaken someone
Hindi Meaning of Impairबिगाड़ना, दूषित करना, क्षीण करना, विकृत बनाना, हानि करना, बिगाड़ देना
Synonyms of ImpairBlemish, Damage, Tarnish
Antonyms of ImpairMend, Tix, Heal `

Use of "Impair" word in sentences, examples

  • The ALS-related toxic protein polyGR (red) insinuates itself into these liquid structures and impairs normal function.
  • This fresh loan would not impair the balance sheet since aircraft, an asset, would also be coming in along with the loan.
  • High blood pressure can impair cognitive function, pose risk for Alzheimer's.
  • The belief marijuana could improve, not impair, vision goes against conventional wisdom.
  • It can also impair judgment when it comes to making healthy choices.

Similar words of "Impair"

Mendमरम्मत करना, रफू लगाना, ठीक करना, उन्नति करना, मरम्मत करना, बनाना, सीना सुधारना
Tarnishकलंक लगाना, दाग लगाना, धब्बा लगाना, मलिन करना, गन्दा, मैला, कलंकित करना, धुंधला होना
Vitiateनष्ट करना, दुरूपयोग करना, दूषित करना, बर्बाद करना, बेकार करना, कलंकित करना

Impair FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Impair is, बिगाड़ना, दूषित करना, क्षीण करना, विकृत बनाना, हानि करना, बिगाड़ देना.

Similar words for Impair are Blemish, Damage, Tarnish.

The Definition of Impair is weaken someone.

Mend, Tix, Heal `, are antonyms of the Impair word.

Impair is a Verb word.

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