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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionlose or cause to lose lustre
Hindi Meaning of Tarnishकलंक लगाना, दाग लगाना, धब्बा लगाना, मलिन करना, गन्दा, मैला, कलंकित करना, धुंधला होना
Synonyms of TarnishBlemish, Impair, Mar
Antonyms of TarnishClean, Polish, Uncorrupt

Use of "Tarnish" word in sentences, examples

  • Bid to tarnish my image by linking me, movement with RSS
  • The media reports describing multiple complaints made to the Academy about me are false and have served only to tarnish my 50-year career
  • Australian Cricket can't polish out cheating tarnish ... Australian cricket has been irreversibly tarnished this week.
  • Selmayr scandal will tarnish Juncker's legacy
  • Some opposition organizations are slamming Tatmadaw by all means in order to tarnish its prestige image

Similar words of "Tarnish"

Burnishचमकना, चमकाना, झलकना, मांजना, परिमार्जित करना, बाहरी चमक
Impairबिगाड़ना, दूषित करना, क्षीण करना, विकृत बनाना, हानि करना, बिगाड़ देना

Tarnish FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Tarnish is, कलंक लगाना, दाग लगाना, धब्बा लगाना, मलिन करना, गन्दा, मैला, कलंकित करना, धुंधला होना.

Similar words for Tarnish are Blemish, Impair, Mar.

The Definition of Tarnish is lose or cause to lose lustre.

Clean, Polish, Uncorrupt , are antonyms of the Tarnish word.

Tarnish is a Verb word.

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