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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionsufficient to cause death.
Hindi Meaning of Lethalप्राणघातक, जानलेवा, विनाशक, प्राणघाती
Synonyms of LethalDeadly, Fatal, Mortal
Antonyms of LethalBeneficial, Harmless, Helpful

Use of "Lethal" word in sentences, examples

  • World Cup stadium building site while using "potentially lethal equipment"
  • “Ruthless” is not only a highly successful installment of Lethal Weapon.
  • Revolutionary technology made in Notts could kill lethal hospital superbugs
  • Alabama carries out executions by lethal injections unless an inmate requests the electric chair
  • Tennessee warned about use of controversial drug combination for lethal injections.

Similar words of "Lethal"

Deadlyघातक, भीषण, मृतवत, अत्यधिक, महापाप, भावशून्य, महामार
Fatalघातक, जानलेवा, जीवनघातक, भावी, भाग्य-सम्बन्धी, विनाशक, अनर्थकारी, दुखद, मुसीबत भरा

Lethal FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Lethal is, प्राणघातक, जानलेवा, विनाशक, प्राणघाती.

Similar words for Lethal are Deadly, Fatal, Mortal.

The Definition of Lethal is sufficient to cause death..

Beneficial, Harmless, Helpful, are antonyms of the Lethal word.

Lethal is a Adjective word.

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