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Word Typeadjective
Word Definitionable to be forgiven
Hindi Meaning of Pardonableक्षम्य, न्यायसंगत, रक्षणीय, सन्तोषजनक
Synonyms of PardonableExcusalole, Forgivable, Venial
Antonyms of PardonableInexpiable, Unpardonable, Inexcusable ,

Use of "Pardonable" word in sentences, examples

  • Nashville industry finds such outspokenness more pardonable in men.
  • May I say with pardonable pride, that the Leyson family are very special benefactors of the Shrine.
  • Something is pardonable when one government is in power but when another is in power it's unpardonable.
  • The scant attention accorded to this torture may be pardonable if it wasn't such a prevalent problem.
  • Violence is often enacted under extreme provocation which if not pardonable is at least explicable.

Similar words of "Pardonable"

Venialक्ष्मणीय, क्षम्य, गौण, मामूली गलती, न्यून, क्षुद्र, लघु, अप्रधान, अल्पव्यस्क

Pardonable FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Pardonable is, क्षम्य, न्यायसंगत, रक्षणीय, सन्तोषजनक.

Similar words for Pardonable are Excusalole, Forgivable, Venial.

The Definition of Pardonable is able to be forgiven.

Inexpiable, Unpardonable, Inexcusable ,, are antonyms of the Pardonable word.

Pardonable is a adjective word.

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