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Word Typeadjective
Word Definitionslow and clumsy because of great weight.
Hindi Meaning of Ponderousभरी-भरकम, श्रमसाध्य, कष्टकारक, वजनदार, परेशानी बढ़ाना, तगड़ा, जोरदार
Synonyms of PonderousHeavy, Hefty, Cumbersome
Antonyms of PonderousAiry, Buoyant, Deiicate

Use of "Ponderous" word in sentences, examples

  • Write A Comment. The word ponderous has appeared in 25 articles on in the past year
  • Annihilation is slow, ponderous, deliberate, and just a tad pretentious.
  • Paul, Apostle of Christ' takes a compelling Biblical character and delivers a ponderous drama
  • Is so ponderous a dramatization of his story, despite an appealing outer shell of ancient period flavor and a few decent performances.
  • it was ponderous and confusing, with time-hops and a wide cast of characters, including too many handsomely angsty brown-haired young men. 

Similar words of "Ponderous"

Cumbersomeदु:खदायी, बोझिल, भारी, जटिल, जोरदार तगड़ा, तगड़े डील-डोल वाला
Labouredअस्वाभाविक, कृत्रिम, बनावटी, नकली, अवास्तविक, अप्रकर्तिक, अयथार्थ
Weightyकठोर, गंभुर, चिंताजनक, प्रभावशाली, दमदार, बड़ा भरी, स्थूलकाय

Ponderous FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Ponderous is, भरी-भरकम, श्रमसाध्य, कष्टकारक, वजनदार, परेशानी बढ़ाना, तगड़ा, जोरदार.

Similar words for Ponderous are Heavy, Hefty, Cumbersome.

The Definition of Ponderous is slow and clumsy because of great weight..

Airy, Buoyant, Deiicate, are antonyms of the Ponderous word.

Ponderous is a adjective word.

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