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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionclosest in relationship
Hindi Meaning of Proximateआसन्न, निकटवर्ती, समीपस्थ, संसक्त, क्षणिक
Synonyms of ProximateAdjacent, Close, Contiguous
Antonyms of ProximateDefinite, Distant, Remote

Use of "Proximate" word in sentences, examples

  • Jones also stated in his notice that there is substantial evidence that the fires were the efficient proximate cause of the mudslides.
  • As a result of Commissioner Jones' notice, insurers have been recognizing the efficient proximate doctrine and have been processing.
  • Without knowing the cause of death, he stated, the plaintiffs don't have enough facts to conclude the state defendants are a "proximate cause of death" for DeBrodie.
  • The mudslide's “proximate cause” was the massive Thomas fire that scorched 273,000 acres in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties
  • Chin court begins with the MVRA's definition of “victim”: “a person directly and proximately harmed

Similar words of "Proximate"

Imminentसन्निकट, आसन्न, नजदीक, समीपस्थ, निकटस्थ, निकटवर्ती, असहनवित, प्रत्याशी, आगामी

Proximate FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Proximate is, आसन्न, निकटवर्ती, समीपस्थ, संसक्त, क्षणिक.

Similar words for Proximate are Adjacent, Close, Contiguous.

The Definition of Proximate is closest in relationship.

Definite, Distant, Remote, are antonyms of the Proximate word.

Proximate is a Adjective word.

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