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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionmaking an uproar or loud
Hindi Meaning of Tumultuousअशांत, उग्र, उत्तेजित, उथल-पुथल, उपद्रवी, गड़बड़, विक्षुब्ध, परेशान, कष्टमय
Synonyms of TumultuousStormy, Tempestuous, Turbulent
Antonyms of TumultuousOrderly, Peaceful, Moderate

Use of "Tumultuous" word in sentences, examples

  • Both Houses of Parliament were adjourned sine die on Friday, as a tumultuousBudget session ended amid repeated disruptions.
  • This is in large part due to new manager Gabe Kapler's tumultuous opening weekend.
  • I think are very reasonable concerns about a very complicated and tumultuous papacy.
  • Wall Street up more than 1% on last day of tumultuous quarter.
  • Few global and political events have been as tumultuous as those witnessed in the United States

Tumultuous FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Tumultuous is, अशांत, उग्र, उत्तेजित, उथल-पुथल, उपद्रवी, गड़बड़, विक्षुब्ध, परेशान, कष्टमय.

Similar words for Tumultuous are Stormy, Tempestuous, Turbulent.

The Definition of Tumultuous is making an uproar or loud.

Orderly, Peaceful, Moderate, are antonyms of the Tumultuous word.

Tumultuous is a Adjective word.

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