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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionviolent or unsteady movement of air or water
Hindi Meaning of Turbulenceअशांति, उग्रता, हलचल, विद्रोही, विक्षोभ, उत्तेजना, हुल्लड़, हंगामा, बेचैनी
Synonyms of TurbulenceAgitation, Commotion, Agitation
Antonyms of TurbulenceCairnness, Tranquility, Stillness

Use of "Turbulence" word in sentences, examples

  • That turbulence is a sharp reversal from the sustained period of calm that kept the Cboe Volatility Index
  • Seven people threw up on a Delta flight from Minneapolis to San Jose last week due to severe turbulence.
  • Last month, “pretty much everyone on the plane,” threw up during a particularly turbulent descent to Washington Dulles Airport
  • Arsenal are now flying after their spell of turbulence
  • Many of those reference points seem to have come unstuck, and that's why we're experiencing an unusual amount of air turbulence these days.

Similar words of "Turbulence"

Tranquilityअक्षोभ, प्रशांति, शांति, निस्तब्ध, निश्छल, गंभीर, नि:शब्द, आनन्द, स्थिरता
Uproarशोरगुल, हंगामा, कटु आलोचना, दंगा, बखेड़ा, कोलाहल, धूमधाम

Turbulence FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Turbulence is, अशांति, उग्रता, हलचल, विद्रोही, विक्षोभ, उत्तेजना, हुल्लड़, हंगामा, बेचैनी.

Similar words for Turbulence are Agitation, Commotion, Agitation.

The Definition of Turbulence is violent or unsteady movement of air or water.

Cairnness, Tranquility, Stillness, are antonyms of the Turbulence word.

Turbulence is a Noun word.

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