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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionnot disordered or disarranged.
Hindi Meaning of Unruffledशांत, स्थिर, अक्षुब्ध, बे-हरकत, सन्तोषी, स्वस्थ, कोमल, गंभीर, नरम, मुलायम
Synonyms of UnruffledComposed, Detached, Imperturbable
Antonyms of UnruffledDiscomposed, Stormy, Nervous

Use of "Unruffled" word in sentences, examples

  • KCCA unruffled by prospect of facing soccer aristocrats
  • Micron unruffled by rise of Chinese chipmakers
  • Lewis Hamilton unruffled by the speed of Sebastian Vettel
  • You stay calm and unruffled. And don't forget to be kind to yourself
  • Despite the big miss of job creation figures today though, markets were unruffled.

Similar words of "Unruffled"

Overwroughtअति उत्तेजित, आवेगशील, परेशान, घबराया हुआ, व्यग्र, उत्तेजित, उन्मत्त

Unruffled FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Unruffled is, शांत, स्थिर, अक्षुब्ध, बे-हरकत, सन्तोषी, स्वस्थ, कोमल, गंभीर, नरम, मुलायम.

Similar words for Unruffled are Composed, Detached, Imperturbable.

The Definition of Unruffled is not disordered or disarranged..

Discomposed, Stormy, Nervous, are antonyms of the Unruffled word.

Unruffled is a Adjective word.

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