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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionnot consistent or having a fixed pattern
Hindi Meaning of Variableविचलन, परिवर्ती, परिवर्तनशील, चल, अस्थिर, चंचल, चंचल चित्त
Synonyms of VariableAlterable, Mutable, Capricious
Antonyms of VariableSteady, Fixed, Constant

Use of "Variable" word in sentences, examples

  • SEC Targets Variable Insurance Products
  • Variable weather as March becomes April
  • Optic Attenuators Market along with competitive landscape, Variable Optic Attenuators Market share and revenue forecasts 2022
  • Though variable across the area ranging from 77 percent to 163 percent of median.
  • Improving Car Engines with Advanced Variable Hydraulic Valves

Similar words of "Variable"

Staticस्थैतिक, अपरिवर्ती, स्थिर, वायुमंडलीय विक्षोम

Variable FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Variable is, विचलन, परिवर्ती, परिवर्तनशील, चल, अस्थिर, चंचल, चंचल चित्त.

Similar words for Variable are Alterable, Mutable, Capricious.

The Definition of Variable is not consistent or having a fixed pattern.

Steady, Fixed, Constant, are antonyms of the Variable word.

Variable is a Adjective word.

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