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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionwilling to take risks or embark on difficult
Hindi Meaning of Venturesomeदिलेर, दु:साहसी, साहसी, ढीठ, निडर, अक्खड़, निर्भीक, रोमांचकारी
Synonyms of VenturesomeAdventurous, Audacious, Daring
Antonyms of VenturesomeAfraid, Cowardly, Cautious

Use of "Venturesome" word in sentences, examples

  • The venture some people might think only happens out west or down in Texas has taken place every spring
  • I started this venture some 30 years ago. Ever since I was young
  • His response is sombre but venturesome. Hannah, a music teacher
  • As Harvard's Amar Bhide argues in “The Venturesome Economy
  • Vladimir Putin's Russia is venturesome when it comes to things like meddling in foreign elections 

Venturesome FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Venturesome is, दिलेर, दु:साहसी, साहसी, ढीठ, निडर, अक्खड़, निर्भीक, रोमांचकारी.

Similar words for Venturesome are Adventurous, Audacious, Daring.

The Definition of Venturesome is willing to take risks or embark on difficult.

Afraid, Cowardly, Cautious, are antonyms of the Venturesome word.

Venturesome is a Adjective word.

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