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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionnext in rank to
Hindi Meaning of Viceदोष, पाप, पापाचरण, व्यसन, शिकंजा, बुरी आदत, अधर्म, अवगुण, खोट, दुराचार
Synonyms of ViceBestiality, Depravity, Imrnorality
Antonyms of VicePropriety, Virtue, Morality

Use of "Vice" word in sentences, examples

  • Eating too much is my vice.
  • Such men are prone to vice.
  • The city is a den of filth and vice.
  • He thought gambling was a vice.
  • I begged my husband to quit his unhealthy vice of smoking cigars.

Similar words of "Vice"

Rectitudeईमानदारी, खरापन, शुद्धता, सच्चाई, औचित्य, सद्गुण, धर्माचरण, नैतिकता

Vice FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Vice is, दोष, पाप, पापाचरण, व्यसन, शिकंजा, बुरी आदत, अधर्म, अवगुण, खोट, दुराचार.

Similar words for Vice are Bestiality, Depravity, Imrnorality.

The Definition of Vice is next in rank to.

Propriety, Virtue, Morality, are antonyms of the Vice word.

Vice is a Noun word.

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