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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionsingle someone out for cruel or unjust treatment.
Hindi Meaning of Victimizeउत्पीड़ित करना, शिकार बनना, सताना, दण्डित करना, धोका देना
Synonyms of VictimizeBilk, Cheat, Defraud
Antonyms of VictimizeAssist, Help, Assist

Use of "Victimize" word in sentences, examples

  • Various scams continue to victimize people in Northeast Georgia
  • La Paz's legal exposition saying: “We have seen, once again, that Bolivia continues to victimize itself
  • Several forms of fraud continue to victimize locals
  • DOLE warns of new online scheme to victimize OFWs
  • Public of another fraudulent scheme that uses a fake online email account that victimizes Filipino jobseekers

Victimize FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Victimize is, उत्पीड़ित करना, शिकार बनना, सताना, दण्डित करना, धोका देना.

Similar words for Victimize are Bilk, Cheat, Defraud.

The Definition of Victimize is single someone out for cruel or unjust treatment..

Assist, Help, Assist, are antonyms of the Victimize word.

Victimize is a Verb word.

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