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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionfilled with bitter critism
Hindi Meaning of Vitriolicतीखा, अति कटु भाषण, टिकट, दाहक, कठोर, क्षारक, प्रदाहक, दाहक वास्तु
Synonyms of VitriolicAcrid, Mordacious, Scathing
Antonyms of VitriolicKind, Pleasant, Uncritical

Use of "Vitriolic" word in sentences, examples

  • Kehoe blasts trolls over 'vitriolic' tweets on Golf Club
  • Cameron Bancroft's girlfriend subjected to vitriolic abuse
  • Debate turns 'vitriolic' as Amherst charter vote nears
  • You thought the discourse on Twitter was vitriolic.
  • This is in response to Mr. Michael Valdez' s vitriolic opinion of the state of the nation 

Vitriolic FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Vitriolic is, तीखा, अति कटु भाषण, टिकट, दाहक, कठोर, क्षारक, प्रदाहक, दाहक वास्तु.

Similar words for Vitriolic are Acrid, Mordacious, Scathing.

The Definition of Vitriolic is filled with bitter critism.

Kind, Pleasant, Uncritical, are antonyms of the Vitriolic word.

Vitriolic is a Adjective word.

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