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Brief information about Lala Har Dayal

NameLala Har Dayal (लाला हरदयाल)
Date of Birth14 October 1884
Birth PlaceDelhi (India)
Death Aniversary04 March 1939
Mother & Father NameNaive queen / Lala Hardayal
Achievement1913 - Founder of Ghadar Party
Profession / Countrymale / Freedom Fighter / India

Lala Har Dayal (लाला हरदयाल)

Lala Hardayalji was a famous Indian revolutionary. Lala Hardayal Ji had inspired and encouraged the patriots for the independence of India, after suffering many pains while wandering abroad. He inspired many Indian expatriates living in Canada and America to fight against British imperialism during World War I due to his simple life and intellectual skills.

Birth info about Lala Har Dayal

Har Dayal Mathur was born on 14 October 1884 in Chirakhana locality in Delhi to a Hindu Mathur Kayastha family. His full name was Lala Har Dayal Singh Mathur. His father's name was Gauridayal Mathur and mother's name was Bholi Rani. His father worked as a reader in a district court. His mother had seven children, he was the sixth of his siblings.

Death info about Lala Har Dayal

Lala Hardayal died on 4 March 1939 (aged 54) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Happened in.

Education info of Lala Har Dayal

He studied at Cambridge Mission School and received a bachelor's degree in Sanskrit from St. Stephen's College, Delhi, India and also received his master's degree in Sanskrit from the University of Punjab. In 1905, he received two Oxford University scholarships for his higher studies in Sanskrit 1907 and also won an award from the Casbard exhibitor, St John's College, where he was studying. He eventually returned to India in 1908.

Lala Har Dayal Career Info

Lala Hardayalji was the editor of an English letter called 'Punjab'. Mohammad Allama Iqbal was also a professor in Lala Ji's college who taught philosophy there. Ghadar Party was founded by Hardayalji on 25 June 1913. The party was born in San Francisco's "Astoria" of America with the objective of overthrowing the English Empire. Hardayalji went to Paris and edited the magazine "Vande Mataram" and "Talwar". Lala ji in Lahore While doing MA, Young Young India Association was established, parallel to "YMCA". Lala ji had knowledge of thirteen languages ​​of the world. Lalaji was a great scholar of Hinduism and Buddhism. In 1932, he published his book Hins for Self Culture Lala Lajpat Rai, who was the guru of Har Dayal, suggested him to write an authentic book based on the principles of Gautama Buddha.

When Har Dayal was not allowed by the British government to return to India in 1927, he decided to stay in London. He wrote this book and presented it to the university as a thesis. The book was approved for Ph.D. And in 1932, he was awarded his doctorate. It was published in 1932 from London. Motilal Banarsidas Publishers of India republished the book in the form of Bodhisattva principles in Buddhist Sanskrit literature in 1970. According to Swami Ram Tirtha, Lala Har Dayal was the greatest Hindu who came to America, a great sage and saint, whose life reflected the highest spirituality as his soul reflected the love of the "universal soul", which he felt Tried.

Lala Har Dayal Awards and Honors

In 1987, the Postal Department of India issued a commemorative postage stamp in his honor within a series of "India's struggle for independence".

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