Shivaram Rajguru Biography and Interesting Facts

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Through this post, we will know important and interesting facts related to Shivaram Rajguru (शिवराम राजगुरु) such as his personal information, education and career, achievement and awards and other information. Important facts related to Shivaram Rajguru given here, have been collected from various sources, this will help you in preparing for competitive exams questions.

Brief information about Shivaram Rajguru

NameShivaram Rajguru (शिवराम राजगुरु)
Full NameShivram Hari Rajguru
Date of Birth24 August 1908
Birth PlaceKhed, Bombay Presidency, British India
Death Aniversary23 March 1931
Mother & Father NameParvati Bai / Sri Hari Narayan
Achievement1929 - Attackers in Delhi Central Assembly
Profession / Countrymale / Freedom Fighter / India

Shivaram Rajguru (शिवराम राजगुरु)

Shivram Rajguru was a famous heroic freedom fighter of India. These were close friends of Sardar Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev. He was hanged on 23 March 1931 along with Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev. The martyrdom of Rajguru given to him for the independence of the country has got his name inscribed in golden letters in Indian history.

Birth info about Shivaram Rajguru

Shivram Rajguru was born on 24 August 1908 in Kheda village in Pune district. His full name was Shivram Hari Rajguru. His father's name was Shri Hari Narayan and mother's name was Parvati Bai. His father died when he was only six years old. He was the youngest of his parents' two children, his elder brother's name was Dinkar.

Death info about Shivaram Rajguru

At 7 pm on 23 March 1931, the Central Jail in Lahore was hanged along with Rajguru, Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev. It is believed that the date of his execution was fixed as 24 March, but the British government was apprehensive of the conditions arising after the execution, hence he was hanged a day before.

Education info of Shivaram Rajguru

He received his primary education in Khed and later studied at New English High School in Poona.

Shivaram Rajguru Career Info

There was a desire to join Jang-e-Azadi inside the Rajguru since childhood. Rajguru joined the Hindustan Republican Army at just 16 years of age. He was a member of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association, became an associate of Rajguru Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev, and on 17 December 1928, a British police officer in Lahore, JP Saunders Participated in the assassination of. His action was to avenge the death of Lala Lajpat Rai, who died a fortnight later. Protesting the Simon Commission, a march was killed by the police. Rai died as a result of police action. Three men and 21 other co-conspirators were tried under the provisions of a regulation that was introduced in 1929 specifically for that purpose. All three were convicted of the charges. On 19 December 1928, he, along with Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev, killed British police officer JP Saunders. Rajguru also attacked the Central Assembly in Delhi on 08 April 1929.

Shivaram Rajguru Awards and Honors

The name of Khed's birthplace was changed to Rajgurunagar in his honor. Rajgurunagar is a census town in the Khed tehsil of Pune district in the state of Maharashtra. The National Memorial is located at Hussainiwala in Ferozepur District, Punjab, India. After hanging in Lahore Jail, the bodies of Shivram Rajguru, Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev Thapar were brought here in secrecy and were not cremated here by the authorities. Martyr's Day (Martyr's Day) is observed every year on 23 March, commemorating the three revolutionaries. Tributes and tributes are paid at the memorial.

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