World Economics: In this Chapter you will learn about the Important topics related to World Economics. Before reading Indian economics, you need to know what is economics? Economics is that branch of social science, under which the Production, Distribution, exchange and Consumption of goods and services are studied. The word 'Economics' is derived from the union of the Sanskrit words Eco (wealth) and nomics, which literally means - 'The study of wealth'.

World Economics (11 LESSONS)

Let us know about what is the International Monetary Fund, its main objectives, functions, total member countries and the main duties of the Managing Director of IMF and the list of Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund. The current Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund is Kristalina Georgieva.

Let us know what is the Asian Development Bank, its history, total member countries and all the presidents of ADB and their tenure.

List of World Bank President 2023: Know the History of World Bank, Current Presidents of World Bank and their Tenure, Read What is World Bank? Objectives of World Bank and More.

195 Countries, their Capital and Currency: Know the World's Famous Countries Name, their Capital and Currency, and Read What is currency?, Types of Currency and Which country has the most expensive currency in the world?

Major crops and their producing countries 2023: Here which crop is produced more in India and other countries of the world?, and can know about the first country in crop production in 2023.

Let us know about all the countries of the continent of Africa, their capital, the name of the currency and which two rivers flow in the continent of Africa. Also know which is the largest and smallest country of the continent of Africa.

Let us know the list of all the countries of the continent of Asia, here the names of all the Asian countries, capital and general knowledge about their currencies. Asia is the largest continent in the world in terms of both size and population, located in the northern hemisphere.

Let us know the names, capitals and their currencies list of all the countries of the continent of Europe like Italy's capital is Rome and its currency is Euro, similarly Russia's capital is Moscow (Moskva) and its currency is Ruble.

Know Which are the countries that produce the most Milk? And where do they rank in the world in Milk Production? Dairy farming or dairy industry or Milk industry is a category of Agriculture. This is a very popular enterprise associated with animal husbandry.

Let us know about cryptocurrency like what is cryptocurrency, updates related to it, definition of cryptocurrency, types of cryptocurrency, what are the advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency and what is the history of cryptocurrency.

Let us know what is fiscal deficit, what is government budget deficit, what is the history of fiscal deficit, impact of fiscal deficit on the economy, about the budget estimates for 2020-21.


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