Major crops and producing countries of the world: On the basis of production, China is the largest fruit producing country in the world. China produced a total of 134,250 thousand tonnes of fruits in the year 2020. 4 of the 5 largest fruit producing countries in the world are developing. India has become the second largest fruit producing country in the world after China. This has been mentioned in a new report 'Horticulture Statistics-2021' released by the Ministry of Agriculture in the year 2020. Andhra Pradesh produced the largest quantity of fruits in India, exceeding 17 million metric tonnes in the financial year 2020. Maharashtra came second with over 11 million metric tonnes that year. While India is the world's second largest producer of fruits and vegetables, it is the largest producer of mango, banana, coconut, cashew, papaya and pomegranate. Here you have been given general knowledge information related to the world's major crops and producing countries. Depending on the world's major crops and producing country, two or three questions must be asked in every exam. It is very useful for your all types of government competitive exams especially Bank PO & Clerk, UPSC, SSC, IAS, PCS, CATE, Indian Railway, GATE etc. In this post the major crops and producing countries of the world have been described.

List of world's major crops and producing countries:

Crop Producing country (in decreasing karma)
Rice China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh (As per data released by the Food and Agriculture Organization for the year 2021)
Corn United States, China, Brazil, Mexico, India (as per March 2021 data released by Food and Agriculture Organization)
Sugar Brazil, India, China
Wheat China, India, United States
Tobacco China, United States of America, India
Oilseeds Brazil, China, India
Cotton USA, China, Pakistan
Tea India, China, Sri Lanka
Coffee Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia
Rubber Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia
Wool Australia, India
Milk India, USA, China, Pakistan
Peanuts China, India, United States
Barley Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Germany, Australia (As of June 2021 data released by the Food and Agriculture Organization)
Soybean Brazil, United States, Argentina, China, India (as per data for the year 2021)
Sugarcane India, Brazil, China, Thailand, Pakistan (as on April 2019 data)
Beetroot Russia, France, Germany, United States
Coconut India, Ecuador, Indonesia
Fruits and Vegetables China, India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, France
Coarse Grains United States, Russia, China
Sunflower Russia, Ukraine
Clove Indonesia
Orange United States of america
Jute India, Bangladesh, China, Thailand (As per National Jute Board data)
Mango India, China, Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia
Banana India, China, Philippines, Brazil, Ecuador (as per FAO 2016 data)
Coconut India, Indonesia, Philippines (as of February 2018)
Papaya India, Brazil, Indonesia (as of 2017)
Pomegranate India

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The crops grown after the summer monsoon season are called 'Kharif crops'. Kharif crops are grown in Indian temperate climates and are sown during the monsoon. These crops include rice, maize, bajra, jowar, groundnut, urad, sesame, sugarcane, dhania, arhar etc.

The season starting in May-June in India is 'summer season' and the main crops grown in it are 'kharif crops'. Kharif crops like paddy, jowar, bajra, maize, groundnut, urad, sesame, sugarcane, dhania, arhar etc. are grown in this season.

South Indian states are the major producers of coffee in India which include Karnataka 53%, Kerala 28%, Tamil Nadu 11% and rest of the other states are Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Assam and Tripura. The hilly terrain and good monsoon in the region make it the best place for important varieties of coffee and tea plantations.

Wheat is Australia's most important food crop. Australia is one of the important wheat producers in the world and it accounts for the main share of the country's agricultural production. Australia's great farming is based on human rights, water conservation, high quality and technology.

Kasargod, a northern district of Kerala, has recently been infamous for endosulfan spray on cashew crop. Spray of this banned chemical was reported to cause congenital abnormalities, mental retardation and cancer in the local population.

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