Indian Economics: In this Chapter you will learn about the Important topics related to Indian Economics. Before reading Indian economics, you need to know what is Economics? Economics is that branch of social science, under which the Production, Distribution, exchange and Consumption of goods and services are studied. The word 'Economics' is derived from the union of the Sanskrit words Eco (wealth) and nomics, which literally means - 'The study of wealth'.

Indian Economics (23 LESSONS)

List of major and financial institutions of India: In this chapter, important information about the name, year of establishment, headquarters of major and financial institutions of India has been given.

Highlights of the General Budget 2023-24 - Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the budget for the financial year 2023-24 in the Parliament. Let us know which major announcements were made in the budget of the year 2023-24.

Indian Economy General Knowledge: Here we have given information about the history of Indian economy, Monetary policy and Important facts related to Indian economy.

Let us know what is the financial system? Financial Regulatory in India Meaning of Financial System, Functions of Financial System, Importance of Financial System, What are the Components of Financial System?

Read Five Year Plans of India, History of Five Year Plans of India and information about all five year plans started by the government till date.

List of Major Industries of India: Know India's Major Industries Name, History of Indian Industry, Types of major Industries in india and Important Facts. Read about Iron and Steel Industry, Aluminum Industry and Cement Industry etc.

List of Major Mineral Producing States of India: Know Names of major Minerals of india, Mineral Conservation Measures, Top Mineral Producing States in India and List of Mineral Production in India State Wise.

Capitals, Areas, Largest Cities, and Literacy Rates of the States of India: Know India's 28 states and 8 union territories, Capital, Total Areas, Largest Cities and Literacy Rates.

Read India's major oil research schools, what is Shilaras (Petroleum) called? Major places of obtaining mineral oil in India and their Formation

Let us know the Indian agricultural system, the names of the major crops of India and the list of the most productive states and important facts related to Indian agriculture, after 1960, a new era came with the Green Revolution in the field of agriculture in the country.

10 neighboring countries of India with their capital and important facts: Pakistan, Maldives, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Nepal, Indonesia, China, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh

Read the list of Indian states and union territories on the basis of economy, complete information about the meaning of economy.

Recognized Stock Exchanges in India: Let us know the names and locations of all recognized stock exchanges in India, what are stock exchanges and stock markets (markets)? Who is the present chairman of SEBI? What are the main functions of SEBI etc.

Read the names of the main thermal power stations of India and in which state they are located. Know more about NTPC Limited (former name – National Thermal Power Corporation) India's largest power generating company.

Let us know about the information of Indian currency, the history of Indian Rupee and important information of all Indian currency notes.

Let us know about the states of India and what is their GDP and GDP. GDP by Indian states Maharashtra has the highest GSDP among all India states and union territories. Maharashtra contributes 14.11% to the total GDP of India.

Let us know the list of all the countries of the continent of Asia, here the names of all the Asian countries, capital and general knowledge about their currencies. Asia is the largest continent in the world in terms of both size and population, located in the northern hemisphere.

Know Which are the countries that produce the most Milk? And where do they rank in the world in Milk Production? Dairy farming or dairy industry or Milk industry is a category of Agriculture. This is a very popular enterprise associated with animal husbandry.

Let us know what is fiscal deficit, what is government budget deficit, what is the history of fiscal deficit, impact of fiscal deficit on the economy, about the budget estimates for 2020-21.

Let us know what is Goods and Services Tax (GST)? Why is Goods and Services Tax (GST) important? History of Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Benefits of Goods and Services Tax (GST).

List of National Highways of India: Here information is given about the name of the national highways of the country, the total length and which highway connects which Indian state. National Highway 7 is the largest in the list of major National Highways of India.

Poverty and Unemployment Alleviation Schemes: Here information is given about poverty and unemployment alleviation schemes or economic programs/schemes related to important social and economy.


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