Milk industry in the world:

Dairy farming or milk industry is a category of agriculture. It is a very popular enterprise related to animal husbandry, under which milk production, its processing and retail sales are done. For this, work is also done for the development of cows, buffaloes, goats or other types of livestock. Most dairy farms sell the calves of their cows, usually for meat production, instead of rearing non-milk producing livestock. Dairy farming includes breeding and care of milking cattle, procurement of milk and its processing into various dairy products.

List of leading countries in milk production in the world:

Place Country Name Production (109kg/y)
1 India 114.4
2 United States 79.3
3 Pakistan 35.2
4 China 32.5
5 Germany 28.5
6 Russia 28.5
7 Brazil 26.2
8 France 24.2
9 New Zealand 17.3
10 United Kingdom 13.9
11 Ukraine 12.2
12 Poland 12
13 Netherlands 11.5
14 Italy 11
15 Turkey 10.6
16 Mexico 10.2
17 Australia 9.6
18 Egypt 8.7
19 Argentina 8.5
20 Canada 8.1

Milk Industry of India: India lives in villages. More than 12 percent of our population is rural and 60 percent of the people are engaged in agriculture. In about 7 crore farming households, one out of every two rural households is associated with the dairy industry. According to the important statistical data related to Indian milk production, 70 percent of the milk supply in the country comes from small/marginal/landless farmers. Cows are more equitably distributed than agricultural land in India. Dairy industry has a major role in strengthening the rural economy of India. It has been recognized as an important component of socio-economic transformation in the country. There is an interdependent relationship between agriculture and dairy farming. Agricultural products provide food and fodder for cattle while cattle provide nutritional security goods as well as produce a variety of milk products like milk, ghee, butter, cheese, condensed milk, milk powder, curd, etc. India has a special place in the international market and is the largest producer of milk and the second largest producer of milk products in the world.

Frequently asked questions Which country is the largest producer of milk in the world? USA has become the first largest milk producing country in the world. India is second in this matter. Most of the largest dairy farms in the US own more than 15,000 cows. Which are taken care of by modernization. Which country ranks first in milk production? India is not the first largest milk producing country in the world. USA has become the first largest milk producing country in the world. India is second in this matter. What is the rank of India in the production of milk in the world? India ranks second in the world in milk production.

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