World Cancer Day Quick Facts

Event NameWorld Cancer Day ()
Event Started4 February 2000
Event LevelInternational Day
Observed byUnited States member

World Cancer Day Brief

World Cancer Day on 4 February is an international day to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment. World Cancer Day is led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to support the goals of the World Cancer Declaration, written in 2008. The primary goal of World Cancer Day is to reduce cancer and death due to the disease.

World Cancer Day History

In 1933, the International Cancer Control Association celebrated World Cancer Day for the first time in Geneva, Switzerland. This day is celebrated to raise awareness about cancer, educate people, convince governments and individuals around the world to take action against this disease, and save millions of people from dying every year.

In 2014 it was Focused on Goal 5 of the World Cancer Declaration. Which was related to reducing the stigma of cancer and dispelling myths. Some important points related to International Cancer Control :-

  • UICC was established in the year 1933. And its headquarter is in Geneva.
  • It is a membership-based organization to raise awareness of cancer around the world and assist in Medical research and take care of the interests of patients.
  • With this, the health ministries of 155 countries of the world, Large cancer social organizations, Research institutes, Medical centers, and patients' organizations are working, which number about 800.
  • According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 8 million people worldwide died from cancer every year.

World Cancer Day Objective

The Purpose of celebrating this day is to create awareness about cancer and the need for early detection and treatment of cancer.

World Cancer Day Theme(s)

World Cancer Day is celebrated every year on some special theme; Some of the themes of the years are given below:-

2009 - 2010'I love my healthy active childhood'
2010 - 2011Cancer can be prevented
2012Together let's do something
2013Cancer Myths - Get the Facts
2014Debunk the Myths
2015Not Beyond Us
2016 - 2018'We can. I can.'
2019 - 2021'I Am and I Will.'
2022'Close the Care Gap'
2023'Close the care gap- Everyone deserves access to cancer care'

More info about World Cancer Day

Why is celebrate World Cancer Day?

Before this, World Cancer Day is celebrated to make common people aware of the dangers and measures to prevent cancer for its earlier detection or prevention. Generally, a person suffering from cancer is considered detestable and untouchable in society by the common people.

Common people have different types of social myths related to cancer, such as living with or touching cancer victims can also cause this deadly disease. This day is also celebrated to Debunk such myths. Due to this, it is celebrated to create general awareness about all the reality of cancer like symptoms and treatment, etc.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of a group of cells in the body. When these cells affect the tissue, cancer spreads to other parts of the body. Cancer can occur at any age. But if cancer is not detected and treated at the right time, it can increase the risk of death.

There are many types of cancer, or rather, there are more than a hundred forms of cancer. Such as- Breast cancer, Cervical cancer, Brain cancer, Bone cancer, Bladder cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Prostate cancer, Uterine cancer, Kidney cancer, Lung cancer, Skin cancer, Stomach cancer, Thyroid cancer, Oral cancer, Throat cancer etc.

Causes of cancer:

There are many types of cancer, they have different causes, if you are taking medicine for some serious disease, then you can get cancer due to the side effects of these medicines but there are some reasons due to which you can get cancer like disease like -

  • To smoke
  • Heavyweight
  • Not eating nutritious food
  • Chewing tobacco
  • Not exercising

Symptoms of Cancer:

  • To smoke
  • Heavyweight
  • Not eating nutritious food
  • Chewing tobacco
  • Not exercising

Important Days of February Month - (National Days and International Days):

Day Event Name - Event Level
02 FebruaryWorld Wetlands Day - International Day
04 FebruaryWorld Cancer Day - International Day
14 FebruaryValentine's Day - International Day
20 FebruaryWorld Day of Social Justice - International Day
21 FebruaryInternational Mother Language Day - International Day
22 FebruaryWorld Thinking Day - International Day
24 FebruaryCentral Excise Day - National Day
28 FebruaryNational Science Day - National Day

World Cancer Day FAQs:

World Cancer Day is observed every year on 04 February.

Yes, World Cancer Day is an International Day that is celebrated every year on February all over the World.

World Cancer Day started on 4 February 2000.

World Cancer Day is observed every year by United States member.

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