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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionattractive or interesting.
Hindi Meaning of Appealingचित्ताकर्षक, रुचिकर, मोहक, प्यारा
Synonyms of AppealingTempting, Interesting, Alluring
Antonyms of AppealingDisagreeable, Unappealing, Off-Putting

Use of "Appealing" word in sentences, examples

  • Police are appealing for information about the robbery.
  • Westosha Central volleyball team appealing postseason ban.
  • KCC are appealing for more shared lives hosts. 
  • A family in Ndeiya, Limuru sub-county is appealing for quick medical aid for their daughter who is ailing from a serious heart problem.
  • What makes the card deck so appealing is the similarity to other popular games such as Pokémon, or Magic.

Similar words of "Appealing"

Dourकठोर, रुखा, शीतल, सूना, उजाड़, उदास, निर्जन, सुनसान, अकेला, जनशून्य
Nauseatingघृणास्पद, वमनकारी, नागवार, अरुचिकर, बदबूदार, अप्रिय, अपकारक, व्याकुल

Appealing FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Appealing is, चित्ताकर्षक, रुचिकर, मोहक, प्यारा.

Similar words for Appealing are Tempting, Interesting, Alluring.

The Definition of Appealing is attractive or interesting..

Disagreeable, Unappealing, Off-Putting, are antonyms of the Appealing word.

Appealing is a Adjective word.

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