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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionpull or knock down specially a building
Hindi Meaning of Demolishढहा देना, गिरा देना, नष्ट कर देना, विध्वंश करना
Synonyms of DemolishDestroy, Destruct, Raze
Antonyms of DemolishBuild, Repair, Restore

Use of "Demolish" word in sentences, examples

  • The French authorities continue with their operations to see it demolished.
  • Kohli, Dhoni join forces to demolish New Zealand
  • MassDOT released a video of the phases displaying how they will demolish the existing toll plazas and reconstruct the roadways for open tolling.
  • The city is in court to demolish the building, which likely will destroy the neighboring buildings.
  • The plan is to demolish them and make improvements to the pedestrian crossings at those locations.

Similar words of "Demolish"

Razeछीलना, ढाना, नष्ट करना, निकाल देना, गिरा देना, परास्त करना, ढहना, तोडना
Refurbishसजावट करना, नया करना, नवीकरण, जान दाल देना, नूतन करना, नया करना
Renovateनवीनीकरण करना, जान डालना, अच्छी अवस्था में लाना, नया करना

Demolish FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Demolish is, ढहा देना, गिरा देना, नष्ट कर देना, विध्वंश करना.

Similar words for Demolish are Destroy, Destruct, Raze.

The Definition of Demolish is pull or knock down specially a building.

Build, Repair, Restore, are antonyms of the Demolish word.

Demolish is a Verb word.

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