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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionvery upset to something
Hindi Meaning of Distraughtपरेशान घबराया हुआ, झक्की, मोहित, सनकी, खब्ती, विचलित, अन्यमणरक
Synonyms of DistraughtDemented, Maniac, Dotty
Antonyms of DistraughtUntroubled, Gladdened, Calm

Use of "Distraught" word in sentences, examples

  • Emmerdale viewers are left distraught when James Barton dies
  • Brecon RFC fans distraught after Penallta smasher
  • A 'distraught' Nick Kyrgios will be forced to sit out the rest of the season but has agreed to see a sports psychologist in return for a reduced ban.
  • He is distraught the marriage is over. Zoe has had enough but he's desperately hoping she will come back.' 
  • 'It's my fault' Heartbreaking words of distraught mum who watched as daughter was killed by lorry.

Similar words of "Distraught"

Bonkersउत्तेजित, उन्मादी, सनकी, बावला, मस्त, विक्षिप्त, अजीब, खब्ती, भ्रांत-चित्त
Daftमुर्ख, पग्गल, बावला, सनकी, अदमिजाज, जोशीला, उत्साही, झक्की, मोहित, विक्षिप्त

Distraught FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Distraught is, परेशान घबराया हुआ, झक्की, मोहित, सनकी, खब्ती, विचलित, अन्यमणरक.

Similar words for Distraught are Demented, Maniac, Dotty.

The Definition of Distraught is very upset to something.

Untroubled, Gladdened, Calm, are antonyms of the Distraught word.

Distraught is a Adjective word.

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