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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitiona blunder
Hindi Meaning of Gaffeभरी भूल, सामजिक त्रुटि, अशिष्टता, अनैतिकता, ग़लतफहमी, फूहड़पन, बेहूदगी
Synonyms of GaffeBlooperg, Faux Pas, Boo-Boo
Antonyms of GaffeCorrection, Fix, Restitution

Use of "Gaffe" word in sentences, examples

  • ACLU takes social giants to task over Geofeedia privacy gaffe
  • Council bosses have been ridiculed after two town hall clocks were put forward instead of back in a daylight savings gaffe.
  • Jamie Redknapp makes Victor Moses gaffe.
  • We asked for your reactions to Kent Union's Black History Month gaffe
  • Sunderland scored an embarrassing Twitter own goal on Wednesday just days after striker Victor Anichebe's gaffe.

Gaffe FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Gaffe is, भरी भूल, सामजिक त्रुटि, अशिष्टता, अनैतिकता, ग़लतफहमी, फूहड़पन, बेहूदगी.

Similar words for Gaffe are Blooperg, Faux Pas, Boo-Boo.

The Definition of Gaffe is a blunder.

Correction, Fix, Restitution, are antonyms of the Gaffe word.

Gaffe is a Noun word.

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