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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionsecured something wanted
Hindi Meaning of Gainप्राप्ति, फल, मुनाफा, वृद्धि, फायदा, अभिलाषा, उन्नति, उत्थान, बढ़त, जीत, कमाई
Synonyms of GainAcquire, Procure, Secure
Antonyms of GainForfeit, Lose, Waste

Use of "Gain" word in sentences, examples

  • Many people who quit smoking gain weight, with an average increase of 4.7 kg in the first 12 months of abstinence. 
  • Johnson wins Martinsville to gain spot in NASCAR's finale. 
  • Lewis Hamilton insists he did not gain an advantage by cutting through the first corner at the start of the Mexican Grand Prix.
  • Chinese developers were among the biggest losers as cities rolled out rules to cool property price gains.
  • All in all, we cannot say that a 2.9% gain is bad by any means when it beat the 2.5% consensus estimates handily.

Similar words of "Gain"

Accomplishपूरा करना, सम्पादित करना, निष्पदित करना, सम्पन्न करना, निपटाना
Acquireउपार्जन, कामना, अधिग्रहित, अर्जित, उपलब्ध, हासिल करना, पाना, चतुर, चालक

Gain FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Gain is, प्राप्ति, फल, मुनाफा, वृद्धि, फायदा, अभिलाषा, उन्नति, उत्थान, बढ़त, जीत, कमाई.

Similar words for Gain are Acquire, Procure, Secure.

The Definition of Gain is secured something wanted.

Forfeit, Lose, Waste, are antonyms of the Gain word.

Gain is a Verb word.

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