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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionexcessively talkative for no sense
Hindi Meaning of Garrulousगप्पी, झक्की, बातूनी, भुभासी, उन्मुक्त, अनौचारिक, वाचाल
Synonyms of GarrulousTalkative, Loquacious, Chatty
Antonyms of GarrulousTaciturn, Reserved, Uncommunicative

Similar words of "Garrulous"

Loquaciousगप्पी, बातूनी, वाचाल, वाक्पटु, अनौपचारिक, उन्मुख, मैत्रीपूर्ण
Talkativeबातूनी, बक्की, वाचाल, बक-बक करने वाला, खूब बोलने वाला

Garrulous FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Garrulous is, गप्पी, झक्की, बातूनी, भुभासी, उन्मुक्त, अनौचारिक, वाचाल.

Similar words for Garrulous are Talkative, Loquacious, Chatty.

The Definition of Garrulous is excessively talkative for no sense.

Taciturn, Reserved, Uncommunicative, are antonyms of the Garrulous word.

Garrulous is a Adjective word.

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