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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionlean and haggard of a person
Hindi Meaning of Gauntदुबला, पतला, बदसूरत, मरियल, अस्थिमय, हड्डीदार, विवर्ण
Synonyms of GauntBony, Lanky, Skinny
Antonyms of GauntPlump, Beefy, Overweight

Use of "Gaunt" word in sentences, examples

  • Looking all gaunt'. 'Sorry I'm a mum and I wouldn't want my daughter looking at that 2nd pic as inspirational.
  • Killer banker Rurik Jutting looks gaunt as he sits in the dock during his for murdering two prostitutes in Hong Kong. 
  • Strijd was dressed as a sort of zombie angel, her face made to appear as gaunt as possible and a pair of black wings fanning out behind her.
  • He also provided some tips to create a gaunt look with an airbrush. "Make sure you see all the contours on someone's face.
  • Blink, and you could think the gaunt face, the drooping moustache and the lazy eyes are the true-life Gawli.

Similar words of "Gaunt"

Wanहल्का, कुम्हलाया हुआ, थका, पिला, फीका, बीमार, मुरझाया हुआ, म्लान, विवर्ण, क्षीण

Gaunt FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Gaunt is, दुबला, पतला, बदसूरत, मरियल, अस्थिमय, हड्डीदार, विवर्ण.

Similar words for Gaunt are Bony, Lanky, Skinny.

The Definition of Gaunt is lean and haggard of a person.

Plump, Beefy, Overweight, are antonyms of the Gaunt word.

Gaunt is a Adjective word.

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