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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionfluent but insincere and shallow
Hindi Meaning of Glibचिकना, धाराप्रवाह, सुवक्ता, सतही, उपयुक्तता, ठीक, उचित, दुरुस्त
Synonyms of GlibFacile, Slick, Artful
Antonyms of GlibInarticulate, Stuttering, Tongue-Tied

Use of "Glib" word in sentences, examples

  • "I think they're trying to do the more glib stuff, and social media can be glib," he said.
  • "They're more outgoing, they tend to be chest-thumping, glib, show a lot of braggadocio. 
  • At least half of the above list is just me being glib, but it underscores the risk at the heart of a situation the is rapidly coming to a head.
  • He has struck that balance achieving a beauty with both richness and restraint, not garish or glib but hushed and faintly glowing with reverence.
  • "Smart alecky, too wise for himself, too glib, too full of himself – that's how we felt about him." 

Glib FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Glib is, चिकना, धाराप्रवाह, सुवक्ता, सतही, उपयुक्तता, ठीक, उचित, दुरुस्त.

Similar words for Glib are Facile, Slick, Artful.

The Definition of Glib is fluent but insincere and shallow.

Inarticulate, Stuttering, Tongue-Tied, are antonyms of the Glib word.

Glib is a Adjective word.

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