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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionan angry or sullen look
Hindi Meaning of Glowerतिरछी आँखों से देखना, क्रुध्द दृष्टि डालना, घूरना, गुस्सैल आँखों से देखना
Synonyms of GlowerGlare, Scowl, Frown
Antonyms of GlowerGrin, Smile, Ignore

Use of "Glower" word in sentences, examples

  • It teased the terror of Negan's reign to come, and gave Jeffrey Dean Morgan further occasion to theatrically glower. 
  • I glance back and see him glower at us as he rejoins his companions. I feel a sense of relief.
  • Instead, I simply sat down to grump and glower through my bowl of Rice Chex while reading my morning paper. 
  • In my early days as a municipal reporter, a "dais" was that long table from which officials would glower at me as I took notes. 
  • Women didn't like seeing him stalk the stage, glower behind Hillary, interrupt and sneer and threaten.

Glower FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Glower is, तिरछी आँखों से देखना, क्रुध्द दृष्टि डालना, घूरना, गुस्सैल आँखों से देखना.

Similar words for Glower are Glare, Scowl, Frown.

The Definition of Glower is an angry or sullen look.

Grin, Smile, Ignore, are antonyms of the Glower word.

Glower is a Noun word.

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