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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionmake a groove
Hindi Meaning of Gougeखून चूसना, भेद डालना, खोंचा, उगाहना, ऐंठना, खोदना, छलपूर्वक लूट लेना
Synonyms of GougeFleece, Overcharge, Exploit
Antonyms of GougeBe Honest, Be Faithful, Protect

Use of "Gouge" word in sentences, examples

  • No one forgets their first gouge.
  • Cameron allegedly dragged the woman through their house, leaving a gouge in the side of her forehead, roughly the size of a loonie.
  • “We're going to root and gouge for every position we can,” said Hamlin. “Every point matters.
  • Arresting officer Justin Town gave evidence Mr Larkin “screamed in pain” when he was allegedly gouged in the eye before he fell back.
  • It offers a perfect lie and encourages a good swing. You don't have to gouge the ball off grass or off a bare lie. 

Gouge FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Gouge is, खून चूसना, भेद डालना, खोंचा, उगाहना, ऐंठना, खोदना, छलपूर्वक लूट लेना.

Similar words for Gouge are Fleece, Overcharge, Exploit.

The Definition of Gouge is make a groove.

Be Honest, Be Faithful, Protect, are antonyms of the Gouge word.

Gouge is a Verb word.

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