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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionshowing appreciation
Hindi Meaning of Gratefulआभारी, आनन्ददायी, कृतज्ञ, कृतार्थ, मनोहर, सुखद, अह्सान्मन्द, कृतकृत्य
Synonyms of GratefulAppreciative, Thankful, Congenial
Antonyms of GratefulThankless, Needless, Critical

Use of "Grateful" word in sentences, examples

  • I am very grateful to you for your help in such a critical condition.
  • A light, grateful breeze was blowing in the evening.
  • The NGO sent us a grateful acknowledgement of our donation.
  • We feel a grateful atmosphere in your hospitality.
  • Soon I will pay all your grateful debt which I owe you.

Grateful FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Grateful is, आभारी, आनन्ददायी, कृतज्ञ, कृतार्थ, मनोहर, सुखद, अह्सान्मन्द, कृतकृत्य.

Similar words for Grateful are Appreciative, Thankful, Congenial.

The Definition of Grateful is showing appreciation.

Thankless, Needless, Critical, are antonyms of the Grateful word.

Grateful is a Adjective word.

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