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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionutterly odious or wicked
Hindi Meaning of Heinousघोर, जघन्य, दारुण, बुरा, अतिदुष्ट, कड़वा, क्रूर, भयानक, बिलकुल गलत
Synonyms of HeinousAtrocious, Monstrous, Outrageous
Antonyms of HeinousGlorious, Wonderful, Pleasing

Use of "Heinous" word in sentences, examples

  • To make matters even worse, the heinous convo occurred the SAME YEAR D.T. wed Melania Trump.
  • This horrendous and heinous attack displayed an utter disregard for human life," said O'Brien. 
  • Court denies appeal in 'heinous' murder of 1-year-old Zoey Wagoner. 
  • The attacks on AK Party officials show that the terrorist organization has entered a new period of heinous attacks.
  • A sexual predator who committed a "heinous and serious" set of offences against children has been jailed for a minimum of 10 years.

Similar words of "Heinous"

Atrociousअति, दृष्ट, घटिया, घोर, न्रशंस, पाशविक, भद्दा, भयानक
Monstrousदैत्याकार, भयानक, राक्षसी, विकराल, अनैतिक, महावली
Outrageousउपद्रवी, घ्रणित, घोर, बेहिसाब, सख्त, चौंका देने वाला, घटिया, भद्दा

Heinous FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Heinous is, घोर, जघन्य, दारुण, बुरा, अतिदुष्ट, कड़वा, क्रूर, भयानक, बिलकुल गलत.

Similar words for Heinous are Atrocious, Monstrous, Outrageous.

The Definition of Heinous is utterly odious or wicked.

Glorious, Wonderful, Pleasing, are antonyms of the Heinous word.

Heinous is a Adjective word.

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