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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitiondiverse in character
Hindi Meaning of Heterogeneousविविध, विभिन्न, नाना प्रकार के, परिवर्तित, आस्मां, भिन्न-भिन्न
Synonyms of HeterogeneousAssorted, Diverse, Motley
Antonyms of HeterogeneousAlike, Conforming, Identical

Use of "Heterogeneous" word in sentences, examples

  • What sets the I6500 apart from the earlier I6400 is its support for large-scale cluster deployments and heterogeneous compute integration.
  • These findings underline the striking heterogeneity of depression, a disorder mostly viewed as one consistent syndrome, says Fried. 
  • 3D TSV technology is becoming a key solution platform for heterogeneous interconnection, high end memory and performance applications.
  • We now have technology that could be labeled "heterogeneous computing", the most popular form being GPU computing.
  • Amid the backlash, schools began to use heterogeneous instruction to have kids of different ability levels learning together.

Similar words of "Heterogeneous"

Eclecticविविध, दर्शनग्राही, ग्रहणशील, उदार, भिन्न, असमान, विविध, वर्गीकृत, फुटकर, प्रकीर्ण
Homogenousसजातीय, समरूप, समाँगी, सवर्ण, एक-सा, एक ही प्रकार का
Multifariousअनेक, बहुल, विविध, बहुआयामी, प्रकीर्ण, फुटकर, अनेक प्रकार का

Heterogeneous FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Heterogeneous is, विविध, विभिन्न, नाना प्रकार के, परिवर्तित, आस्मां, भिन्न-भिन्न.

Similar words for Heterogeneous are Assorted, Diverse, Motley.

The Definition of Heterogeneous is diverse in character.

Alike, Conforming, Identical, are antonyms of the Heterogeneous word.

Heterogeneous is a Adjective word.

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