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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionvery great or intense.
Hindi Meaning of Profoundगाढ़ा, नम्र, निपुण, परम, विद्द्वान, विनीत, पारंगत, अगाध, अथाह, गंभीर, गहन
Synonyms of ProfoundAbysmal, Deep, Intense
Antonyms of ProfoundLucid, Plain, Simple

Use of "Profound" word in sentences, examples

  • Climate Change Will Lead to Profound Food Insecurity Worldwide
  • Profound Medical Corp. Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year
  • 'Profound impact' of floods was predicted
  • Following the company's fourth quarter results, Beacon Securities analyst David M. Kideckel is maintaining his strongly bullish stance on Profound Medical Corp. 
  • Royal Opera House ruling will have a 'profound impact' on orchestras

Similar words of "Profound"

Abstruseगुण, गोपनीय, गंभीर, समय, शांत, संतुलित, मर्यादित
Esotericगुप्त, गुण, गोपनीय, कठिन, गेहं, जटिल, दुरूह, दुर्बोध, छिपा हुआ
Facileमिलनसार, मुलायम, सरल, सहज, सीधा, सुगम, सुनम्य, सुसाध्य, आसान, कुशल, फुर्तीला

Profound FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Profound is, गाढ़ा, नम्र, निपुण, परम, विद्द्वान, विनीत, पारंगत, अगाध, अथाह, गंभीर, गहन.

Similar words for Profound are Abysmal, Deep, Intense.

The Definition of Profound is very great or intense..

Lucid, Plain, Simple, are antonyms of the Profound word.

Profound is a Adjective word.

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