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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionunderstood or implied without being stated.
Hindi Meaning of Tacitनिःशब्द, मानसी, मोन, सूचित, गर्भित, उक्तिविहीन, अंतर्हित, अनकहा
Synonyms of TacitSilent, Unsaid, Unuttered
Antonyms of TacitExplicit, Specific, Clamorous

Use of "Tacit" word in sentences, examples

  • Mumbai band Smalltalk whose sound could broadly be put in the R&B genre has released its debut EP Tacit.
  • Much of this criticism centers around Francis's tacit approval of parish priests giving communion to divorced-and-remarried couples.
  • Taxes, on the other hand, require the acceptance or tacit approval of citizens and businesses.
  • That transfer of knowledge may be both explicit and tacit, says Donnie Hutchinson
  • This in a way is a tacit acknowledgment that the Alden family did receive a call from someone offering favours.

Similar words of "Tacit"

Implicitअप्रत्यक्ष, अव्यक्त, असंशयिक, अपलक्षित, परोक्ष, निर्विदाद, अन्तर्निर्हित, अन्तग्रस्त, उपलब्धि

Tacit FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Tacit is, निःशब्द, मानसी, मोन, सूचित, गर्भित, उक्तिविहीन, अंतर्हित, अनकहा.

Similar words for Tacit are Silent, Unsaid, Unuttered.

The Definition of Tacit is understood or implied without being stated..

Explicit, Specific, Clamorous, are antonyms of the Tacit word.

Tacit is a Adjective word.

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