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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionequivalent in seriousness to
Hindi Meaning of Tantamountतुल्य, बराबर, समान, सदृश, समकक्ष, सम, योग्य, एकसार होना
Synonyms of TantamountEqual, Equivalent, Identical
Antonyms of TantamountDifferent, Polar, Reverse

Use of "Tantamount" word in sentences, examples

  • Maryland Lawmakers Move to Protect LGBTQ Youth From Practice Tantamount to 'Torture'.
  • Sillah-Camara, that the notice of additional witnesses filed by the prosecution, tantamount to trial by ambush.
  • Harvard, meanwhile, says that documents are tantamount to trade secrets
  • Nigerians that re-electing Buhari for another tenure of office in 2019 would be tantamount to reinforcing failure
  • They will tantamount to denigrating the judiciary

Tantamount FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Tantamount is, तुल्य, बराबर, समान, सदृश, समकक्ष, सम, योग्य, एकसार होना.

Similar words for Tantamount are Equal, Equivalent, Identical.

The Definition of Tantamount is equivalent in seriousness to.

Different, Polar, Reverse, are antonyms of the Tantamount word.

Tantamount is a Adjective word.

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