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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionshowy but cheap and of poor quality.
Hindi Meaning of Tawdryबह्शोभान, सस्ता, भड़कीला, घटिया, दिखावटी, बढ़व, भ्रामक, झिलमिल
Synonyms of TawdryChintzy, Garish, Gaudy
Antonyms of TawdryTasteful, Sophisticated, Decent

Use of "Tawdry" word in sentences, examples

  • After a debate that descended into "a very tawdry affair" on Thursday. 
  • Unsung hero with no tawdry story
  • This stuff is tawdry at best, sexist and extremely offensive at worst.
  • So one tampers with his life at the peril of turning it into tawdry melodrama.
  • American politics is shifting to something more tawdry and more celebrity-oriented.

Tawdry FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Tawdry is, बह्शोभान, सस्ता, भड़कीला, घटिया, दिखावटी, बढ़व, भ्रामक, झिलमिल.

Similar words for Tawdry are Chintzy, Garish, Gaudy.

The Definition of Tawdry is showy but cheap and of poor quality..

Tasteful, Sophisticated, Decent, are antonyms of the Tawdry word.

Tawdry is a Adjective word.

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