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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionthe state or quality of being tedious.
Hindi Meaning of Tediumउक्तव, कठिनाई, थकावट, उबाऊपन, ऊब, ग्लानि
Synonyms of TediumBanality, Boredom, Drabness
Antonyms of TediumEntertainment, Excitement, Pleasure

Use of "Tedium" word in sentences, examples

  • What should have, could have so easily been a riveting, tense, densely packed 75 minutes was an epidemic of tedium.
  • A radical solution to the tedium of email spam
  • Hell Is the Tedium of Ceaseless Papal Controversy and Drama
  • The eyes have it on the question of tedium
  • Sea of Thieves promises booty, delivers tedium

Tedium FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Tedium is, उक्तव, कठिनाई, थकावट, उबाऊपन, ऊब, ग्लानि.

Similar words for Tedium are Banality, Boredom, Drabness.

The Definition of Tedium is the state or quality of being tedious..

Entertainment, Excitement, Pleasure, are antonyms of the Tedium word.

Tedium is a Noun word.

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