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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionabstinence from alcoholic drink.
Hindi Meaning of Temperanceपरहेज, प्रशांति, मिटाचार, मिताहार, संतुलन, संयम, धर्य, निग्रह, सब्र
Synonyms of TemperanceModeration, Abstinence, Sobriety
Antonyms of TemperanceExcess, Wildness, Outrageousness

Use of "Temperance" word in sentences, examples

  • Temperance teen earns Young Marine of the Year
  • The Temperance Movement are going to be huge judging by their Rock City gig - review and photos.
  • Back in 1939, my grandfather was the chairman of the Temperance Committee
  • The “lager bier craze” dovetailed with another big trend: the temperance movement.
  • Alternative rock luminaries Dinosaur Jr. come to Temperance on July 19.

Temperance FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Temperance is, परहेज, प्रशांति, मिटाचार, मिताहार, संतुलन, संयम, धर्य, निग्रह, सब्र.

Similar words for Temperance are Moderation, Abstinence, Sobriety.

The Definition of Temperance is abstinence from alcoholic drink..

Excess, Wildness, Outrageousness, are antonyms of the Temperance word.

Temperance is a Noun word.

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