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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionsparing in the use of words; abrupt.
Hindi Meaning of Terseअच्छा, उत्तम, रुखा, लघुपद, शुद्द, सुथरा, सुन्दर, सूक्ष्म, मितभाषी, अल्पशब्दक
Synonyms of TerseBrief, Concise, Laconic
Antonyms of TerseProlific, Wordy, Elaborate

Use of "Terse" word in sentences, examples

  • No," terse Trump told reporters aboard the Air Force One when questioned about his knowledge of the payment
  • The wife of King Felipe and mother to the princesses - then appeared to block the shot, leading to a terse exchange between the pair.
  • The terse exchanges at the UN Security Council in New York capped another day of developments and diplomatic disagreements
  • Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi, when Nitish issued the tersemessage to the BJP leaders
  • That's only true if you like a whole bunch of e-mails floating back and forth because the original sender was too terse

Similar words of "Terse"

Pithyगुदाद्वार, जोरदार, बलवान, संक्षिप्त, सारगर्भित, स्पष्ट, खरा, उत्तम, लघुपद, सुन्दर

Terse FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Terse is, अच्छा, उत्तम, रुखा, लघुपद, शुद्द, सुथरा, सुन्दर, सूक्ष्म, मितभाषी, अल्पशब्दक.

Similar words for Terse are Brief, Concise, Laconic.

The Definition of Terse is sparing in the use of words; abrupt..

Prolific, Wordy, Elaborate, are antonyms of the Terse word.

Terse is a Adjective word.

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