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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionbecoming thin and tattered with age.
Hindi Meaning of Threadbareघिसा-पिटा, तार-तार, पुराण, रगड़ा हुआ, तुच्छ, मामूली, साधारण, बेकार
Synonyms of ThreadbareDecrepit, Dingy, Shoddy
Antonyms of ThreadbareFresh, Unused, New

Use of "Threadbare" word in sentences, examples

  • Pinterest users everywhere has confirmed that the ring in question is the Catbird Threadbarestacking ring.
  • Local print shop Threadbare Print House is selling T-shirts in support of students who will walk out Wednesday
  • We haven't lost any more than that, but that's enough. "When you look at us we're pretty threadbare in a lot of positions.
  • Senior lawyer MPs of the Congress are also believed to have discussed the issue threadbare as there are two views within the party.
  • At the moment at Wasps we have a pretty efficient 23 we can still put on the field at Sale but two or three more injuries and we are going to look a bit threadbare.

Threadbare FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Threadbare is, घिसा-पिटा, तार-तार, पुराण, रगड़ा हुआ, तुच्छ, मामूली, साधारण, बेकार.

Similar words for Threadbare are Decrepit, Dingy, Shoddy.

The Definition of Threadbare is becoming thin and tattered with age..

Fresh, Unused, New, are antonyms of the Threadbare word.

Threadbare is a Adjective word.

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