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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitiona mischievous child.
Hindi Meaning of Tinkerमरम्मत करने वाला, ठठेरा, जोड़ना, झेलना, संवरना, इधर-उधर करना, ठीक करना
Synonyms of TinkerFiddle, Meddle, Mess
Antonyms of TinkerRelax, Dodge, Ignore

Use of "Tinker" word in sentences, examples

  • It looks like more “Tinker” versions of Air Jordan retros will be releasing in the future. 
  • Curiosity and creativity abound at Cove's Tinker Day
  • Principal Michelle Walker, explaining the Corte Madera elementary school's “Tinker-Make-Innovate” philosophy.
  • Funds and certificate were given in support of the museum's Tinker Lab.
  • As Tinker Hatfield remembers it, had his initial presentation of the Air Jordan 3 to Michael Jordan

Tinker FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Tinker is, मरम्मत करने वाला, ठठेरा, जोड़ना, झेलना, संवरना, इधर-उधर करना, ठीक करना.

Similar words for Tinker are Fiddle, Meddle, Mess.

The Definition of Tinker is a mischievous child..

Relax, Dodge, Ignore, are antonyms of the Tinker word.

Tinker is a Noun word.

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